Moringa tree is not standard. A cohesive and elegant evergreen tree can surprise you with hanging branches and feathery leaves. But the most beautiful feature of the plant is its many fragrant inflorescences of white and yellow flowers.

Almost all parts of Moringa are edible and prized: fruits, greens, flowers, and roots. Moringa tree is especially nutritious and very useful, considered one of the dishes of Asian cuisine. Even solid Moringa wood finds its use: it yields a unique dye. However, oil is extracted from plant seeds.

If you want to use products from MORINGOS, it is important to pay attention to the region, growth conditions. Many cultivation plantations in China and India are located in unfavorable ecological zones, and raw material samples from these regions are often found to contain unacceptable levels of pesticides, heavy metal salts and other harmful substances.

Experiment has shown that raw material from MORINGA leaves of African origin (Nigeria) has the highest amount of beneficial substances as compared to samples of Himalayan and Vietnamese origin.

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