VitaMoringa is the first phytopharmaceutical in the European Union, officially registered and produced according to the international GMP standards, based on 100% natural, environmentally friendly plant products certified according to European standards MORINGA OLEIFERA.

Vitamoringa – a phytonutrient giving energy!

In all places, MORINGA is called differently, the most famous names being Tree of Life, Mother’s Best Friend, because of the improved work and breastfeeding of nursing mothers. The Miracle Tree is the richest source of protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making MORINGA an exclusive remedy for the prevention and treatment of various diseases for over 4,000 years.
MORINGA has an amazing feature – it grows so fast that it is considered one of the fastest growing trees: it can reach more than three meters in height after 10 months of planting.

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